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Dogdancing Tournament 03/21/2004
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Hello friends,
I would like to tell you about a very great day. Sylvia and I went to a tournament where we were allowed to dance dogs. At first I thought "My mistress is crazy". I would never appear in public anywhere with what I have learned. But that day everything was different. Sylvia convinced me so much that I just couldn't say no. But I would never have agreed if I had known that we should be one of the first to start. I was pretty nervous, but the audience heard that too. Unfortunately I couldn't help it, somehow I had to vent my nervousness, so I barked a lot during the dance.
My exercises consisted of: lifting paws synchronously with Sylvia's feet, walking backwards, turning around my own axis, slalom through Sylvia's legs, backwards through Sylvia's legs and bowing. Even if I didn't understand the commands correctly because of my barking, I think Sylvia was happy with me. In any case, after that I got a larynx to eat. In between we went for a lot of walks, after all Xadi, La Nera and Toni were there to press their paws. I was very happy to see her after my dance. If I am greeted so nicely every time, then I am happy to get involved in a new tournament.
It greets you

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