Hello my friends,

10 years ago ,  I was as small as down in the picture. Gladly I remember my childhood, where I could be still impetuous. At that time my friend was still Benji at my side, which much beautiful one taught me. Unfortunately Benji left me in February 2002. I donīt no where he gone , but I didnīt see him again . My Sylvia says, he gone to the dog sky, where I will go also sometime. So much I Benji also miss, but so fast I would not like nevertheless to leave Sylvia now. With their I had many beautiful experiences and I wish myself still more of it to have.

 With this homepage I would like to show you the most beautiful time of my life of the past 10 years.


On the following pages finds i.e. you beside a star, me, my friends and all other experiences with and without my friends. Of course also participates my  Sylvia.

Much fun wishes you your